Forged Sandwiches

  • The Marmaduke Slow braised pork loin, bbq sauce and sweet onions on sourdough.

  • The Bishop Calabrese sausage. tomato jam, fresh basil, and jack cheese on a rustic roll.

    The CitizenBeechers flagship, Campfire smoked jack, tomato, pressed with garlic oil on organic sourdough.

    The Foreman Prosciutto, tomato jam, New moon jack, arugula on panino roll.

    The Furnace RoomSmoked turkey, Campfire smoked jack cheese, roasted garlic aioli, tomato pressed on organic sourdough.

  • The Pardon (The stay of execution)Olive tapenade, Vegan Chao cheese, roasted garlic, tomato, basil leaf, pressed on organic panino roll.

  • The Grinder Hot coppa, cabernet salami, smoked turkey, new moon jack, mama lil’s spicy peppers on rustic roll.

    Sandwiches premade fresh in-house for convenience and speed.

  • All sandwiches may be served commuter style - wrapped and ready to go.